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Sir Oscar Wilde: Martyrdom of the Knight of the Green Carnation


Sir Oscar Wilde: Martyrdom of the Knight of the Green Carnation / Violet Roundup: The Repression of Homosexuals During the Franco Regime

This catalog page is from a 2019-2020 book catalog for the publishing company Editorial Egales. The catalog was available for free in Berkana Bookstore, a queer bookstore in Chueca, Madrid’s historic gay neighborhood. The catalog page provides prices and synopses for two books: Sir Oscar Wilde: martirio del caballero del clavel verde, written by Nacho Esteban and illustrated by Carlos Valdivia Biedma, and Redada de violetas by Arturo Arnalte.
The first is described as “an illustrated biography of the life, martyrdom and legacy” of Oscar Wilde. The book attempts to explore Wilde as a historic figure beyond the iconography and caricature through which he is often depicted.
The second book is a historic and biographical account of those who were persecuted during the Franco regime for their sexual orientation or gender identity, and were often subjected to extreme violence. The book also details the many survival strategies that the queer community imagined during the forty-year regime.
Editorial Egales was founded in 1995 as the first publisher in Spain to specialize in LGBTQ+ literature. It operates both Berkana Bookstore in Madrid and Cómplices Bookstore in Barcelona.


Editorial Egales, Berkana Bookstore, Chueca (Justicia)

Madrid, Spain