St. Lawrence University
Robots Will Kill



This sticker features RobotsWillKill’s signature robot character and the tag of the artist. Upon close inspection, the outline of a postal label can be seen; USPS postal labels are popular in sticker art due to their relatively large blank space and wide distribution. When asked what inspired him to use ‘RobotsWillKill’ or RWK as his sticker name, Chris replied: “In 1999, I was doing an art fellowship in Vermont and making stickers with characters on them and wrote "Robots Will Kill" on a few. I used it on a few other things but started using it on everything around 2001.” In regards to his signature robot character, he added, “The robot became my icon, my go-to character. I like that he's organic in a lot of ways. I try to have him convey some emotion.” In 2001, Chris launched the website,, that is “dedicated to community and exposure for artists/media often disregarded by the mainstream art world.” 

New York, United States


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