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A Las Rojas, ¡No Nos Pararán! ¡Todos A Las Calles El 8 De Marzo! Día Internacional De Las Mujeres Trabajadoras.
To the leftist socialists and communists, no one can stop us! Everyone to the streets on March 8th! International Day of Working Women.

The sticker for International women's day on March 8th, also known as International day of working women, depicts a group of women, many clenching their fists to demonstrate solidarity. One woman holds a bullhorn, and all of them appear to be calling out. The color purple is often used in stickers about women’s rights. March 8 sees the union of millions of women from all continents, regardless of their racial, linguistic, cultural, economic, and political differences. As a result, a variety of activities and protests are held to mark the holiday, honoring the accomplishments of the previous century and highlighting everything that still needs to be done. The older woman on the left is Dolores Ibárruri who in 1960 became honorary president of the Partido Comunista Español (PCE) until her death in 1989. She was known for her slogan ¡No Pasarán! (They shall not pass!).


Partido Comunista de España (Communist Party of Spain)

Madrid, Spain
Berenice Gervacio, SLU Class of 2024
Publication Date: 
October 12, 2023


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