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Ciclo Combinado 22,3%* Térmica 23%* Nuclear 25%* Hidroeléctrica 20,8%* (*)"Información Sobre Su Electricidad" De Iberdrola - La Hidroeléctrica No Es Desglosada, Incluida A Las Renovables (14,396).
Ibertrola -- Combined Cycle 22,3%* Thermal 23%* Nuclear 25%* Hydroelectric 20,8%* (*)"Information About Your Electricity" From Iberdrola - La Hidroeléctrica No Es Desglosada, Incluida A Las Renovables (14,396).

This sticker pictures a green leaf with a question mark inside it representing renewable energy, followed by 6 water droplets in different colors representing different sources of energy. The water droplets without energy sources written on them make up the logo for Iberdrola, a Spanish energy company. On the logo for the company they have switched the D in there name with a T to create the word IberTrola, "trola" in Spanish referencing something that is a lie. Ibertrola is an organization that is critical of Iberdrola. The image on this sticker questions wether or not Iberdrola is a leader in renewable energy despite their claims to be. This sticker fits into the broader category of anti-neoliberal sentiments that manifested themselves with the Indignados movement in Spain.   



Bilbao, Basque Country


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