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Women’s Rights

This informational flyer, found on the Universidad de Costa Rica, San José campus, was released to educate people on the rights that the UN guarantees to all women, regardless of their race, profession, culture, nationality, or religion. These rights include: “derecho a recibir una educación” (the right to receive an education), “derecho a vivir una sexualidad responsable y gozosa” (the right to a happy and responsible sex life), “derecho a vivir sin violencia” (the right to live without violence), “derecho a la protección de la salud” (the right to health care), “derecho a vivir una reproducción sana y sin riesgos” (the right to healthy and risk-free reproduction), and “derecho a tener un trabajo o empleo” (the right to employment). The flyer also comments on the right to abortion by saying women have the “derecho a decidir libre y responsablemente cuándo y cuántos hijos(as) tener” (the right to decide freely and responsibly when and how many children to have).


SEDEM (Seguridad en Democracia; Security in Democracy)

San José, Costa Rica


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