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This is a yellow sticker with the black and white image the woman from Picasso's painting, Guernica. The woman has a lit torch and is extending it forward with her right arm. This sticker was propaganda for the Communist Party of Spain in 1980.


Nuestra historia de lucha, garantía de un futuro de democracia y socialismo 1920-1980.
60th Anniversary PCE -- our history of struggle, guarantee of a future of democracy and socialism 1920-1980

This sticker is part of a political campaign for the Partido Comunista de España (PCE) or the Communist Party of Spain. PCE is celebrating their 60th year anniversary. The image depicts a symbol from the powerful anti-war painting, Guernica, by Pablo Picasso. It shows a woman with her arm reached out in front of her holding a flame lit lamp. This icon brings back many memories to mind for the Spanish people such as the Civil War and the rule of Franco. In the original painting this figure was a symbol of hope, whereby implanting a similar message into the minds of the Spanish people in regards to the future of PCE. The previous year in 1979, the PCE obtained the 3rd largest number of votes in the municipal elections in Spain. This sticker focuses on the strong history of the PCE, encouraging people to stick with it and not change their votes to other parties such as the PSOE. 


Partido Comunista de España -- PCE



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