St. Lawrence University
A sticker with a vertically striped red and white background. The text spans across the width of the sticker in blue coloring.
Yellow sticker with large red letters stating the word NO. Inside of the O is an image of a fracking site with a red line going through it.
This sticker shows a man in a black suit with a red tie. There is a triangle cut out of his head that has the words CO2 coming out of it. It was created by the organization Ecologistas En Acción, an environmental advocacy organization made up of 300 Spanish ecological groups. They take a social environmental approach to counter degredation in Spain, a country that has been evironmentally exploited by the policies of neo-liberal politicians.  At the bottom of the sticker is a link to an article from their we
The sticker shows a giant skull that is disguised as part of a nuclear power plant. The image is split into two halves, the top being the above ground view that can easily be recognized as a power plant, and the bottom half being the below ground more abstract view of the reality of nuclear power. It was created by Joves d’esquerra verda, an environmental organization that focuses on the betterment of Cataluña.