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A white sticker with black text in the catalan language sponsored by Platforma Per La Llengua Catalán.


Parla Adreça't Gita't Embriaga't Imagina Acaricia Ix Canta Abraça Ciscla Viatja Brama Gaudeix Interpreta Saluda Anticipa't Tafaneja Escolta Col-labora Estudia Barrina Endolceix Tria Solidaritza't Acull Xerra Etiqueta Opina Enraona Xiuxiueja Pensa Comparteix Xiula Evoluciona Apassiona't Vacil-la Xala Frisa Prefereix Madura Demana Creix Somia Xateja Menteix Recita Llegeix Mofa't Construeix Estima Escriu Descobreix Compon Practica Menja Emmara't Guaita Integra Contrasta Crida Brinda Regateja Manifesta't Al-lucina Treballa Rumia Respira Rondina Recicla Independitza't Lluita.
Live Fully In Catalan

This sticker consists of rows of text in the catalan language. In the center of the sticker is the logo for Platforma Per La Llengua which is "a non-governmental organization that works to promote Catalan language as a tool for social cohesion." The catalan language is very important in Catalonia, especially now in the midst of their Independence Movement as they try to separate from the rest of Spain. 


Platforma Per La Llengua 



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