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We Need To Change Our Chauvinistic Culture

This newspaper clipping reports that Carlos Alvarado, who was elected president on April 1, 2018, stated publicly that in order to stop femicide, Costa Rica needs to radically change its culture by eliminating male chauvinism. Carlos Alvarado identifies sexist culture as being at the root of femicide, not Nicaraguan immigration or irresponsible women. The article also affirms that “según los registros del Sistema de Emergencias 9-1-1, cada cinco minutos una mujer llama pidiendo auxilio por un caso de violencia doméstica” (according to 9-1-1 Emergency Services records, every five minutes a woman calls asking for assistance in a domestic abuse case). At the time the article was written, December 7, 2018, 24 women had been killed in femicide cases in Costa Rica in 2018; that number did not increase as the year closed. The article also mentions that as of November 20, 2018, there had been 71 attempts at femicide that to date. The photo included next to the article depicts a 2017 protest against gender violence.


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