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Cartoon of Ronald McDonald


MONOGRAPHIC / Number 233 / Free fanzine since 1987

This zine cover page is on Issue 233 of the fanzine MONOGRAFICO. Copies of the issue were being distributed for free in the clothing, music, and comics store Chopper Monster, which is located in the trendy Madrid neighborhood Malasaña. The store describes itself as having all things rock n’ roll, punk, and garage.
The cover image of this zine, which was most likely designed digitally, depicts a crazed and salivating Ronald McDonald surrounded by ketchup, fries, and seven joyful nude figures that resemble babies with adult faces. The scene depicted on the cover evokes the desire and greed of a bacchanal, as Ronald begins to assemble a burger with one of the female-presenting cherub-like figures sandwiched in the middle and looks on with wide eyes and drool dripping out of his mouth. In the bottom right corner of the image, the artist is credited as “Rafillo.”

The first issue of MONOGRAFICO was published by founder Luan Mart in the Spanish city of Burgos, capital of Castile and León, in 1987. The fanzine was originally circulated in the various bars of Burgos and was described by Mart as “a free cultural magazine.” Each issue is made up of short stories, comics, and visual montages; most of which are humorous and/or satirical but do not otherwise follow a fixed theme or aesthetic. Much of the zine’s content provides political and cultural commentary, especially given the publication’s anti-establishment roots.


Luan Mart

Madrid, Spain
Skylar Bergeron, St. Lawrence University Class of 2022
Publication Date: 
July 12, 2022


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