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Feminism Myths

This informational flyer, found on the Universidad de Costa Rica, San José campus, was issued in relation to a course to dispel common myths about feminism in Costa Rica and elsewhere. Here, feminism is described as “principio de igualdad de derechos de la mujer y el hombre” (the principle of equality of rights between men and women). The myths referenced in the flyer include: “las feministas solo quieren oprimir y desvalorizar a los hombres” (feminists only want to oppress and devalue men), “el feminismo y el machismo son iguales” (feminism and male chauvinism are the same), and “las feministas no se maquillan, ni se depilan, ni cuidan su físico” (feminists don’t wear makeup, shave, or care about their appearance). The flyer also points out that men can be feminists.


Seminario de Realidad Nacional/ Sociedad: Vida, Dialogo y Paz 2. II Semestre 2018 (Seminar on National Reality/ Society: Life, Dialogue and Peace 2. Semester II 2018): A seminar course at the University of Costa Rica during the fall semester of 2018.

San José, Costa Rica


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