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Cow in hamburger bun


Meat is murder

Against a solid red backdrop, a black and white photo depicts not a typical lifeless beef patty but rather a live cow splayed between hamburger buns. A small puddle of blood beneath the cow’s front right hoof could be mistaken for ketchup. Encircling the image are the words “meat is murder.” The text and image direct the viewer to associate the life of the animal with the meat people consume. While vegetarian and vegan lifestyles are growing in Spain, less than 1.5% of the population identifies as such. Individuals often decide to cut meat from their diet for three reasons: personal health, the environment, or empathy towards animals. Of these, over half of Spaniards pick the third: empathy towards animals. “Víctimas del progreso-Crímes de Estado” is not an official organization, but rather a phrase common among Spanish anarchists. The red logo with the A within a circle indicates anarchist ideologies.

Madrid, Spain
Maddie Pounder, St. Lawrence University Class of 2021
Publication Date: 
July 3, 2020


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